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In this section you will find a range of practical information related to our solutions. In the articles, we share our experience, discuss implementation steps and highlight good practices. It is a reliable source of information and advice on the provision of drinking water in public spaces, the legal regulations in this area, the benefits of installing drinking water dispensers and the technological aspects in this field.

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Modern water dispensers for offices

If we want to provide access to drinking water for our employees, customers or guests, we do not have to opt for unattractive, unhygienic and cumbersome bottle dispensers. We do not have to rely solely on the costly purchase of bottled water, which additionally contributes to generating large amounts of plastic waste into the environment. No more having to stockpile cartons or gallons of water - their improper storage, unfortunately, has a negative impact on water quality. It's time to bet on modern and ecological solutions!

Benefits of using bottleless dispensers

  • Unlimited access to fresh and clean water for you, your employees and guests
  • A real reduction in costs associated with the purchase, transport and storage of bottled water
  • Reducing the amount of plastic waste generated - lower disposal costs and joining the ranks of environmentally friendly companies
  • Meeting the requirements for providing employees with access to drinking water while at work

Water springs and tap water springs are modern and safe devices for the distribution of drinking water. They are ecological, economical and reliable solutions. They perfectly fit in with current trends of healthy eating habits and being environmentally friendly. Bottle-free tap water dispensers are ideal for offices, offices, workplaces, production halls, employee canteens or training and conference rooms.

Water saving solutions for the office space

What is responsible consumerism? It is nothing more than making thoughtful purchases. And this applies to purchases made every day for our own use, but also to purchases made for our company or for our employees.

Have you thought about how many bottles of drinking water you buy in a year for yourself, your employees and your guests? Do you know the real cost of buying this water, and do you realise how much plastic waste (water bottles) ends up in landfills through your daily consumption of bottled water? Before you order another bag of water or other drinks, you might want to consider replacing them with the modern and environmentally friendly solution of drinking water dispensers. These devices are connected directly to the water mains and distribute fresh, clean drinking water continuously, hygienically, economically and safely.

There are models that show how many plastic bottles have not entered the environment by using mains dispensers. There are those whose design not only allows you to conveniently fill up bidons or bottles, but also to drink water directly from the dispenser without using a cup or other vessel. Not only do we save water this way, but we also do not have to buy drinking cups and then incur the cost of disposing of them. If there are fizzy water lovers among you, it is worth investing in appliances that not only serve mains water, but also cool and carbonate it pleasantly, all using the latest eco-friendly cooling system.

It is worth changing your habits and showing that you care about the environment not only in your private field, but also in your work. In doing so, you also show others that your office too can be innovative and environmentally friendly.

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We are a leader in the distribution of sprinklers, springs and drinking water stations. For years, we have been introducing the best and proven tap water distribution devices to the Polish market, with the aim of providing access to drinking water to all those who are thirsty. Our solutions are changing the face of Polish schools, offices, workplaces and public places: parks, playgrounds, squares, etc. In addition, we carry out extensive educational activities on the benefits of drinking clean water, replacing bottled water with mains water, which ultimately has a huge impact on our environment. Find out how much you can change together with us!

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