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Manufacturer: Murdock
Product code: 142.400.202

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Product description

Pedestal drinking water dispenser, in stainless steel, satin finish. Corrosion- and weather-resistant, vandal-proof. Stainless steel bowl, activated by a self-reversing button located in a prominent position. Suitable for outdoor applications such as parks, promenades, urban gardens and cycle paths.

Aesthetically pleasing, practical with high performance qualities, it fits perfectly into any surroundings and is an ideal addition to street furniture. Additionally protected with a protective layer that provides year-round protection and an aesthetically pleasing appearance with minimal maintenance. Constructed from thick, durable steel. Laminar flow reduces splashing and facilitates maintenance. Vandal-resistant (VR) and heavy-duty spout is made as a one-piece stainless steel element. The self-reversing actuation button, located in a prominent position, is resistant to intensive use and does not require gripping or twisting. The service door is made of thick sheet steel, bolted with a design that prevents unauthorised opening. They provide access to the simple hydraulic connection system.

The unit should be installed on a stable surface with good drainage (recommended concrete slab). The spa is approved by the PZH, Safety mark B for construction products (ITB - Institute of Building Technology) and lead-free design certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and complies with regulations for lead-free devices.

Technical data

Height: 1051 mm
Diameter: 330 mm
Finishing: Steel
Number of bowls: 1
Number of spouts: 1
Commissioning: Button
Approved by PZH: Yes

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We are a leader in the distribution of sprinklers, springs and drinking water stations. For years, we have been introducing the best and proven tap water distribution devices to the Polish market, with the aim of providing access to drinking water to all those who are thirsty. Our solutions are changing the face of Polish schools, offices, workplaces and public places: parks, playgrounds, squares, etc. In addition, we carry out extensive educational activities on the benefits of drinking clean water, replacing bottled water with mains water, which ultimately has a huge impact on our environment. Find out how much you can change together with us!

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Pedestal drinking water dispenser, stainless steel, corrosion- and weather-resistant, vandal-proof.
Compact chilled and sparkling water dispenser.

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