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Manufacturer: Blupura
Product code: 144.700.100

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Product description

Designed for outdoor installation. It incorporates the latest technical developments, high aesthetics and hygiene of use. It is a symbol of a new and intelligent way of meeting social needs and, at the same time, part of the promotion of the use of safe, clean water supplied by water supply systems. It provides chilled still and sparkling water in almost unlimited quantities. Allows filling of reusable bottles. The device can deliver water for free or for a fee charged by RFID cards or credit cards or coins (optional). This is an excellent way of offering a useful public service contributing to the reduction of plastic waste. With its large information screen, the station is an effective means of communicating public information. It is a posting point for announcements for the local community or information for tourists.

Features a robust design with very few damage-sensitive components. All finishing materials suitable for variable weather conditions. It has thermal insulation to protect against sub-zero temperatures, night lighting and a canopy with proven durability, as well as a screen for displaying advertising and information. The 19" LCD screen is located behind a damage-resistant pane of reinforced anti-reflective glass. The spa is equipped with an approved filtration system. It includes a UV germicidal lamp and a water flow meter. In addition, it incorporates a metered water portion control system and an automatic system that signals a shortage or lack of feed water and the emptying of the CO2 cylinder (FIZZ). Environmentally friendly R290 gas with zero global warming impact is used as the refrigerant. Optional solar panels for night lighting, a 280 litre BOX refrigerator and a self-diagnostic system with SMS transmission via GSM networks are available.


Technical data

Screen diagonal: 19 inch
Performance: 150 l/h
Weight: 260 kg
Height of dosing space: 2*378 mm
Dimensions (D*S*W): 1460*2075*2230 mm
Chilled water temperature: 3°C - 10°C

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Pedestal drinking water dispenser, stainless steel, corrosion- and weather-resistant, vandal-proof.
Compact chilled and sparkling water dispenser.

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