Drinking water round 8903

Drinking water spring, upright, 1*bowl, round, 8903Product code: 142.600.103 Product description Pedestal tap water spring made of stainless steel, round. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Great for offices, offices, schools, but also for patios, playing fields, by promenades or in parks. Provides access to mains drinking water for all those who are thirsty. [...]

Drinking water source A171

Drinking water source, VR spout, actuating button, A171 Product code: 142.300.300 Product description The indoor tap water source is ideal as a water dispenser for schools, offices, workplaces, shopping malls. The unit is activated by a button on the front, requiring less than 2.2 kg of pressure. The spout dispenses water at a rate of 1.1 litres per minute, has a cover and internal [...]