GRF Drinking Water Facility

Pedestal drinking water dispenser, 1*round bowl, GRFProduct code:142.500.200 Product description The GRF model is a pedestal drinking water dispenser, vandal resistant, with a bowl made of type 304 stainless steel, 1.27 mm thick, mounted on a heavy-duty pedestal made of powder-coated stainless steel or satin finish, 2.8 mm thick. The unit is activated by means of an inserted [...].

Freestanding pet drinker, steel GRT

Freestanding pet drinker, steel, GRTProduct code:142.500.400 Product description Model GRT-PF is a pet drinker suitable for mounting directly to the ground. The unit has a type 304 stainless steel bowl, 1.27 mm thick, set in a heavy-duty 2.8 mm thick sheet steel housing, either powder-coated or in a satin finish. The water flow is activated by [...].